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Post Info TOPIC: New Martial Art called Shhhhh


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New Martial Art called Shhhhh

Hi Everybody, I invite you to study the new and unique martial art called Shhhhh:

Questions, comments and criticisms welcome!





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Hi James,

I am going to try Shhhh and see if Shhhhh happens.

Wish me luck!




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Well James,

I tried out Shhhhh...

Like anything it takes time to master.  But I liked this idea of using my innate powers to overcome my enemies.

Basically I was attacked by a Cricket while I was sleeping.  So instead of getting up I felt that this would be the ideal arena to test the effectiveness of Shhhh.

I tried the Mirror nothing reflected- fail

I tried the Universal Veiling's, he saw through my camoflauge- fail

Martial Meditation proved no use, he was well conditioned- fail

16 postures (and I added on more) on my fingers- fail

Tried beating it for 'Martial Gain' - fail

For 'Zero Friction' training I conjured ice cream in my head - fail

I fought the Crickets Silhouette - more fail

For weapons I decided my mole on my back would be sufficiently "out side the box" -fail

I targeted the Cricket by sound, his echo decieved - fail

I tried "First Contact" elusive - fail

I let my enemy make "First Contact:he has free time  - fail

I meditated on removing why he attacked me, and why I was attacking him.-Fail

Effects on enemy - I analyzed the transcendental symmetry and my relation with the Cricket - still fail

Retreat under the blanket- big fail

Looked into the endless depth of Advance - fail

I did the Orientation Limits Agility and practiced my ear wiggle - fail

I neutered my 'inner egotistical arguments' and waged one Armageddon of the Inner Battle -  still a colosal fail

Employing the Alien Martial art, I thought of intergalactic limitless was to win where I bent Time and space to annihilate my enemy. - fail

I yelled the many permentaitons of the Partition Theory Siege - my defenses fail

My Advanced Tactical Computer must have caught a mental virus from Shhhh and my innate wisdom was offline for a time - fail

Then I showed a picture of the creepy ultimate defence weapon Venkataraman Iyer, to ward off that enemy- oh the penultimut fail

Switching tactics I challenged the Cricket to a To-the-death- game of 2Max, yet we played to a draw 16 times!!!! -  fail x 16

Tower Defense Challenge - he just went into a mystic assult of a trance, with that ever repeating onomatopoeia that was his mantra - was his name - 

I even tried one last effort calling on the powers of my new MA style of choice, to once and for all show itself to be of corporeal form "SHHHHHHHHH!!!" I projected audibly with all my might. 

Silence was brief. 


My new system to improve my MA game had failed.

So I got out of bed.  Went outside.  Assured that Ninja were not laying in wait, I found the cricket using my ears and eyes, lined him up.  Found my balance and posture, raised my hand for the Hammer Fist coup-de-grace, that my Traditional MA Taekwondo had taught when breaking boards. 

Instead, as he was formidable opponent, who conquered all the stages of my new found martial art and left Shhhhh the ruined wreck on the trash heap of failed experiments.  I was awed.

So I caught him in my hands, said "Hello- He who is stronger than Shhhh"
and I placed him on a fence, far away from my window.

And I slept well, having left Shhhh far behind.

-- Edited by KO'd at 20:03, 2008-09-03



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Ow...thank you for sharing.. something informative.

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Thanks for sharing :)

Hello !!
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